Mission: The Public Fiduciary network exists to advance the values of free markets, limited government and fiduciary duty to the thousands of public fiduciaries across the country.


There are thousands of public pension and other tax-based investment funds operated across the country. Many of these state administered funds are overseen by SFOF members and their peers.  However, there are substantial funds administered outside of their oversight. These funds are often substantial in size. 

There is no center-right focused organization dedicated to supporting and organizing the fiduciaries who administer these plans. 

As an organization that supports state financial officers who oversee an estimated $3T in public funds, we are uniquely suited to expand into this space.

Goals & Activities

Put simply, we are looking to create a network which will serve the senior management and board members who oversee these funds. We will recruit, organize, educate and serve as a resource center for the thousands of public fiduciaries who manage and oversee public funds. 

We will provide Education, Training, Research, Regional Events, Conferences and Recruitment Services for these leaders. 

Why Us?

The State Financial Officers Foundation’s credibility and relationships with key decision-makers who oversee state pension funds is second to none. We currently serve as the nexus between state financial officers and the national public policy space. 

Our membership of 35 state financial officers who represent 28 states puts us in a position where we currently manage the largest network of free market focused fiduciaries in the country.

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